Innovation is always a challenge

We only know what we already know. But how do you discover the unknowables beyond your company’s current understanding? Wavebreakr exists to address this opportunity.

To lead the process of having big ideas, finding new things, scouting start-ups and managing test applications. With experience from corporate programme management, consultancy process delivery and start-up product development and implementation, specifically with blockchain concepts. Above all innovation is a state of mind, the vision to try and disrupt, bold enough to challenge and being brave enough to try new things …a new way.


The only constant is the increasing rate of change.

However most business leaders have a day job – running today’s business – not speculatively testing innovation-based ideas.

Those that have the opportunity to run ‘innovation labs’ often sit in the technology, not business space. Even then the innovation processes can fail, by not harnessing both internal thinking AND external capabilities, or failing to test both the technology capabilities AND the business outcomes

Standing still is not an option, yet it is frequently the default choice.

The opportunity to dream, challenge and disrupt

"Today’s thinking only leads to today’s problems"

Albert Einstein


The Discovery process starts with exploring your corporate ambition

What goals will be measured and what outcomes deemed a success? Along with determining key parameters of scope and any untouchable areas that will remain out of scope for change. This conversation determines what is required next.

From simple capture and playback of the company’s innovation goals and opportunities to a structured stakeholder workshop-based innovation process and progression including scouting the market for new ideas and emerging technologies.

Ideally the outcome is a managed test programme, putting the innovation into action for your business, with external partners as required.


20 years experience with blue chip corporates and agencies

Wavebreakr was conceived by Stuart Evans, two years into working with blockchain start-ups and selling to enterprise clients.

...whilst sitting on a beach in North Devon watching the surfers try to spot the next big wave and then catch it for a ride. Some waves seemed promising but then petered out to nothing, others stood up taller and rolled forward crashing towards the shore. The surfers however worked hard, not just to spot but to furiously paddle and catch the promising wave, and if they caught one that faltered they just went back out for the next one.

In my experience of over 20 years with blue chip corporates, agencies and consultancy plus the last three years immersed in the emerging technologies accelerators and start-up world, this analogy relates directly to the innovation space and particularly the turbulent world of blockchain. Corporate organisations are trying to catch the next big wave and get ahead of their competition. Even promising start-ups struggle to get to that first enterprise deal that makes them real. I created Wavebreakr therefore to help corporates spot new opportunities and match them with external, often start-up, businesses that could accelerate their innovation exploration and adoption process. And critically we hold both sets of hands through that wild ride, through the first engagement funnel and into a marketplace execution, having worked extensively on both sides of the deal.


‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, but today is a gift which is called the present.’

Do get in touch and ask for an initial conversation and please be ready to answer our qualification questions in that first contact including

  • What are your goals as relates to the innovation process and outcomes?
  • What technologies are you already working with or interested in including blockchain, AI, IOT etc.?
  • Is this therefore a completely new project or adds to an existing workstream?
  • What level of sponsorship and support does this project have in your business?
  • Is there a budget allocated and a timeline established for any key milestones?

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